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Surgical Orthopedic Table manufacturers

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Model: JR-9000
Name: Radiolucent Imaging Table
 YUDA Medical JR-9000 Series EPRC Imaging Station System - A new line that takes full advantage of space and resources to optimize workflow and increase productivity.
 YUDA offers extreme x-ray capabilities and perfect ergonomic limits. C-arm compatibility, combined with German 507 stainless steel gear and German Dukermotoren, and Panasonic match. Its imaging size is 1880mm * 450mm (74 * 17.7 inches)
 1.Extreme Load Capacity
 Maximum capacity 430 kg / 950 lbs patient weight.
 2.360°degree Joy stick for X-ray Compatibility
 Manually maximum head shift to 2000 mm (78.7 in) , foot shift 1040mm (41 in) and the use of carbon-fiber modules provide excellent C-arm access, shift comes to 250mm ( 9.8 in ).
 3.Ergonomic Comfort
 The height adjustment electric from 720 to 1100 mm (28.3 to 43.3 in) permits ergonomic working positions, both seated and standing.
 4.Easy Click
 The Easy Click mounting point allows the quick use of a broad range of socket-mounted modules .
 5.Control Units
 The operating table can be controlled in different ways: corded hand control. The color display can be used to store individual operating table positions that can be activated at any time. Status reports, instructional notes and fault messages are shown on the display.
 Technical data
 Size-----2500*685mm (98.4*27 in )
 X-ray imaging size----1880*480mm (74* 18.9 in )
 X-ray absorption coefficient---≤0.44mmAL
 maximum capacity----430kg (948 lbs)
 Movement---250+/-50mm non-grade variable speed
 Electric movement---Lifting up and down /locking system
 Average speed---8mm/s
 height range to ground---750mm-1100mm
 longtitude movement---300+/-20mm
 maximum head protract---1680+/-20mm
 maximum foot protract---1020+/-20mm
 net weight/maximum capacity weight---390kg (860 lbs) / 430kg ( 948lbs)
 Our quality:
 The company has advanced two sets of spray lines, CNC center more than 270 sets, Japan OTC welding robot 8 , such as the world's most advanced machinery and equipment, strong, advanced equipment, modern management, high-quality Staff team, created a high-quality Yuda products.
 Our factories:
 China North area the largest manufacture of medical and OR system, with 35 workshops 3 domestic factories covers an area of 480,000 million square meters. With factories in India, Indonesia, Russia and Egypt, YUDA became a leading famous brand in China.
Your health care is our dedicate. For your professional solution. YUDA medical.Surgical Orthopedic Table manufacturers
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