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cheap Outdoor Vertical Green Wall

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Profile: plastic
Size: 500*250*160
Will the greening of the estates affect the structure of the building itself? Living in the city, has been plagued by urban heat island effect, can be in the surrounding building groups to enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh air of plants, this is a good thing.
But a lot of people are worried: as the plant grows, does the greening of the roof destroy the structure of the building itself and threaten the safety of the person? Accordingly, the three-dimensional greening related experts explained: After research and test, roof greening has a certain limit, and the current three-dimensional greening of the relevant laws and regulations also made a clear construction requirements.
The construction of roof green registration mainly from the distance between plant and body building, plant nursing, plant selection and so on strictly according to the requirements of the implementation, it is possible to create a pleasant and comfortable aerial garden. The construction of star-quality, plant species should choose graceful, short, shallow root, wind-resistant flowers diffuse wood, small trees, ball root flowers and perennial flowers. Because the roots of perennial woody plants have strong penetrating ability to waterproof layer, the plant varieties should be determined according to the thickness of the tip. In the greening of the roof of the plant at all times, the selection of the use of the substrate should be green, no pests and diseases, and as far as possible light, but not too loose nutrient fertilizers, to ensure that plants in the growth period can be required for appropriate language.
The plant raises the surplus natural not to be able, if neglects the nursing, the plant will "want" the nourishment to the construction body, extends the root to the wall the seam, endangers the building.
In the early days of star-top greening design, designers will take into account the load-bearing capacity of the roof, plant growth and so on, the design of a reasonable roof greening construction plan In the construction of roof greening, the Buddha-grass is a common plant. The amount of oxygen in the grass is 30 times times the average plant, the powder in the air has a strong ability to inhale, can have a number of PM25 to eliminate air pollution, is recognized as the star Top Green ace plant. Buddha-grass growth adaptability, cold, resistant to early, and salt-tolerant, and soluble, resistant to pests and diseases, succulent stems and meat. Because of its light weight and low conservation investment, it has been widely used in the cultivation of roof greening in recent years.cheap Outdoor Vertical Green Wall
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