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China 8 Heating Zone Relow Oven suppliers

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8 Heating Zones Hot Air Reflow Oven with PC Control Product Description:
1.this reflow oven  used  imported original Siemens PLC  control , temperature more accuracy .
2,this reflow oven with 16 heating zones (up 8 + down 8 ) , up and down both are hot air heating .
3,the function of this reflow oven is soldering components on PCB board , after  SMT  pick and place machine.
SMTfly-8810 Reflow Oven Specification:
Model : SMTfly-8810
Heating system Heating zones Upper 8 zones ,down 8 zones,2 cooling zones
Heating length 3160mm, cooling length 600mm
Heating type whole hot air circle
Transporting system Max pcb width 30mm-450mm
Transmission direction L→R(R→L) optional
Transmission net height 880±20mm
Transmission type mesh belt(With chain rail optional)
Transmission speed 0-2000mm/min adjustable
Control system 1.Power supply A3ø380V 50/60Hz
2.Set-up power 36kw
3.Working power 7kw
4.Warm-up time About 15 minutes
5.Temperature range Room temperature ~400°C
6.Temperature control PID control and SSR drive
7.Temperature accuracy ±1°C (you can test it )
8.Abnormity warning Temperature abnormal warning
Dimensions 4800L*1100W*1650H mm
Net weight About 1800kg
Exhaust Volume 10M3/min x2 Channels
Control system Industry PC+ Original Siemens PLC
Conveyor net width 450mm
Temperature keeping 3 layers temperature keeping material coating  on the surface
Features of Good quality T8L Reflow Oven with 8 Hot Air Heating Zone for Lead-free Soldering, IC, LED:
♦ All temperature area up and down heating respectively,Independent hot air circulation ,temperature control accuracy of ± 1°C .
♦ Modular heating structure ,effectively prevent the temperature influence from other zones,ensure that components heated evenly ,the transverse temperature deviation < ± 2°C .
♦ Upper furnace open type using pneumatic jack-up, safe and reliable for furnace clean.
♦ Special nickel nobelium long lifetime heated wires to make hot sources,heating up fast ,from room temperature to constant temperature less than 20 minutes .
♦ Use the high speed motors imported from Taiwan ,driven straightly from thermal cycling wind ,low noise ,little vibration ,high efficiency of thermal cycle .fully enclosed structure with special temperature keeping materials coating the surface of the upper surface .
♦ Up and down adopt Original Siemens PLC industrial control , with first-class stability.
♦The time-delay switch protection function,prevent deformation of the transmission parts due to uneven cooling .
♦ Artificial intelligence software control,has the perfect online temperature testing curves and analysis,storage and printing data functions,greatly convenient for the user .
♦ With functions of power-off protection ,ensure the PCB normal come out without damage when power cut off suddenly .
Our Service:
1. Q:What is warranty of the machine?
A: 1 year.
2. Q:How do you pack the machine?
A: We fix the machine on the plywood base with screws to ensure safe transportation.
3. Q:What is life time of machine ?
A:.It depends on your use time.
4. Q:How do you offer oversea service?
A:We could send engineer to do installation and training for client if needs.
5. Q:Can we see your machine in our country?
A:Yes, we would like to advise contact details of our clients who are using our machine.
6. Q: Can you send me user manual of the machine ? I need to see the programming abilities. I need to know every parameter we can set for.
A: We will offer the instruction manual when delivery, don't worry about that.
CE Certificate:
 China 8 Heating Zone Relow Oven suppliers
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