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Lunch Bags on sale

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Size Info
•    13"L x 10"W x 13"H.
Details & Care
This spacious, 2-person picnic tote is the perfect size for you and a loved one or friend to take your food on the go. You will love the durable insulated poly-canvas construction, which ensures your food will stay cool for hours. A separate storage compartment stores the included dishes, glasses, and utensils in organized straps. Treat yourself to a good time with this 4-Person Picnic Basket Set by Best Choice Products!
•    Made with insulated poly-canvas material.
•    Spacious food storage.
•    Zipper closure.
•    Lunch Tote Bags.
•    Item #66606.
Payment Term
Packing & ShippingLunch Bags on sale
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