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Broadwall Directional Coupler - Dual-arm 4 WG Ports suppliers or factory

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Xi'an HengDa Microwave Technology Development Co.,Ltd (HengDa Microwave hereinafter) is a leading microwave waveguide components, assemblies and antenna systems manufacturer in China.
Established in 1993, HengDa Microwave is continually growing to meet customer's needs. Our highly trained design engineers and manufacturing personnel can handle both standard and custom products to meet your needs.
Our in house design, manufacturing, inspection and quality control capabilities allow fast response to customer requirements. Our standard delivery time is only half of the average western suppliers'standard delivery time.
Our microwave measurement capability up to 110GHz makes us the best choice for the design and manufacturing of your components.
We implement TQM (Total Quality System) and SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) with ISO 9001:2008 certification, which assures HengDa Microwave's strong commitment to quality standards and customer satisfaction.
We are confident we offer well-engineered, high quality products at globally competitive prices.
Our mission is to satisfy our customers by providing timely and cost effective solutions without compromising quality, performance and delivery.
 Broadwall Directional Coupler - Dual-arm 4 WG Ports suppliers or factory
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